Thursday, 1 December 2011

When on the Road

Here’s what happens when we put a bunch of us, in machines controlled only by our feet and hands and not our head (read:cars) and when another machine with three light sources (read:traffic signal) goes off – a chaos with each of those machines finding its way through a ‘transformer-like’ metallic junkyard! The machines might as well have driven themselves, because clearly, the actions seen are bereft of any organic influence whatsoever.
How hard is it? How hard is it to act sane? How hard is it to put some thought to the predicament and devise a way out? How hard is it to behave educated! Quite, apparently!
We often crib about the traffic in our own way – while some resort to blaming the government for the low quality roads and traffic management during the evening cocktail, the others prefer using the not so pleasant gift of gab right there! Unfortunately this ‘Road’ is a litmus test. It defines a demographic around.

It appalls me to see a bunch of us trying to cross each other through a fused traffic light like mad dogs let out of a kennel. One from the left, one from the behind, one on your backdoor and one reflecting light right off your own darn headlights, and there you go, the aforementioned junkyard is painted. I wonder if this reflects our own contemplation which is anyways garbled in the societal rush. You just open the map (read:life), follow a route, look for the shortest route and hit the road. The junctions with breaks in between supposed to control our speed unfortunately now are a pit stop to test the acceleration! A traffic jam is nothing but a jam of thoughts! We all have a destination. We are all on the shortest path. These destinations are our dreams. With no one realizing the importance of using the wonderful ‘Head’ gifted to us instead of the ‘binary-educated’ computer, it exemplifies how strongly woven we are to the road we chose. And when on this road, we miss out on the fact that may be allowing a path to someone else in a jam (ego jam) might open a route not just for us, but for the many following us too. When on road, we prefer using the high beam (pride), instead of the dipper (humility). When on this road, we choose to boost our ego by winning a dangerous race instead of looking out for the smaller vehicles and the pedestrians. When on this road, we never stick to our lane if we see an opportunity of getting ahead of someone! And when on this road, we wish that the journey be pleasant, but still choose to vilify fellow commuters or well, the system itself! How then, is this, the right road? How then, is this, the right journey? How then, will we reach the destination without a tired mind and oozing frustration? How then, will that destination be any different than the exasperating journey?
I hope that our journeys become much more pleasant, harmonious and controlled by human compassion and thought, and each one of us reaches our destination soon without crushing a bunch of pedestrians, jumping the light or creating a jam and well, relishing the pleasure of the journey too! 


  1. nice stuff sandarsh...very well.. keep on posting so we and a lot of others like us can share and exchange our thoughts... keep it up brother..

  2. Thanks V. That's encouraging. Hope you drive well! Literally too.

  3. amazing work sandarsh!! keep it up..!! :)